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Robyn & Milton

We’ve built many homes and we’ve built them all for certain levels of our life and for what we needed. We have 3 kids and we found a block of land that was near the family so this was the final house to retire in. Our son built with these particular builders and we were happy with them. We proceeded with these builders and we were very happy with the build at that point.

It came to lock up just before Christmas, so we lost the six weeks. That’s when we made the payment mid January and they declared bankruptcy the very next day. After building 8 homes, that was a bit of a shock; we didn’t sleep for a few nights I can tell you.

What happens is, the insurance company contacts three builders to get quotes, the insurance company then selects which one will complete our home. In our case, it was ARC and as far as we’re concerned, we will be forever grateful to them as they did such a fabulous job and they just took all the stress that we had with this situation.

The best part of the building was yet to come which is seeing your paint go on the wall and all the things that really make your house your home. None of that was done before ARC came in. Bottom line is, it was very stressful. Top line is, with ARC coming in, they absolutely saved the day and they finished our house, beyond expectation.

When they said they would do something at a certain time, it was done. Communication with them was excellent. The level of finish in that house is second to none and we’d build the next house with them if we built again.


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