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ARC Projects is a proud member of the local Brisbane Metro community and wider Queensland society. We take great pride and pleasure in contributing to weaving the fabric of this great state. Through our business projects, ARC has forged strong connections with local government bodies, South East Queensland Chambers of Commerce plus school and education institutions. We also match our building practices to community and environmental needs wherever possible.

Maintaining a high level of corporate responsibility is a vanguard of ARC Projects. We innovatively integrate sustainable practices into our work and business. At ARC Projects we know that benefits must extend beyond the mere business bottom-line to support, build and nourish our community.

Sustainability Commitment

As full circle construction specialists, we project manage and deliver building solutions for diverse sectors. Residential, commercial, government and insurance sectors are just a few examples. As such, we understand that the very nature of our work directly impacts the environment. At ARC Projects we hold ourselves wholly accountable for the environmental impact of our work. Our sustainability commitment encompasses ecological, social, cultural and economic footprints. Innovating sustainable solutions is a continual mission for the ARC Projects team. Our sustainability policy and environmental commitment guide every move we make from day-to-day internal processes to project management processes.

Environmental Management Strategy

The ARC Projects environmental management strategy provides an overall framework for achieving chief sustainability outcomes. Our strategy identifies fundamental environmental factors associated with our construction work together with key supporting processes and procedures. Continuous evaluation and improvement measures are integrated throughout our environmental management strategy. Our defined environmental “hot points” are:

Internal Business Practices

Human Resources Management

Incorporate strong environmental component into ARC Projects:

  • Recruitment processes:¬†attract and retain employees who have a sustainability focus and ethos
  • Job Descriptions:¬†include sustainability focus in employee responsibilities
  • Training:¬†induction, OH&S and periodical training modules.

Measured by:

  • Document management: employee files must include job description and completed training modules
  • Performance reviews: a key performance metric is the measured outcomes of meeting job and company sustainability practices.

Vehicle / Fleet Management

  • Buying and leasing:
  • Annual review of ARC Projects vehicle fleet to ensure each vehicle meets a genuine business need and has not become surplus to requirements
  • Buy or lease fuel-efficient vehicles that are fit for a particular business purpose
  • Garner advice from online resources like www.greenvehiclesguide.gov.au to pinpoint which vehicle types reduce financial outlay and environmental impact
  • Fuel consumption:
  • Use E10 fuel type wherever possible or the best alternative to optimise environmentally friendly emissions
  • Practice efficient driving to save on fuel expenses and environmental emissions. Methods include limiting brake usage, avoiding areas of congestion where possible and not leaving the motor running unnecessarily.

Office Waste Management

  • Opt for electronic document management rather than printing wherever possible
  • Recycle and reuse: use recycled paper for internal document printing
  • Recycle waste materials where appropriate.

Measured by:

  • Regular efficiency review conducted by management.

Energy Efficiency

  • Turn off computers when not in use
  • Use energy efficient light fixtures and turn off lights when not required
  • Opt for fresh air instead of air conditioning wherever possible.

Measured by:

  • Reduction in electrical and heating bills.

External Business Practices

Construction Waste Management


  • Demolition waste: disposal executed conscientiously and in adherence with Australian legislation
  • Asbestos demolition waste: dispose carried out in accordance with Australian legislative requirements
  • Supplier selection: use only those suppliers that satisfy our environmental policy of sustainable waste management. As an example, use of “green” skip bins is an important process to ensure minimisation of ARC Projects waste disposal and environmental footprint.

Measured by:

  • Quality assurance and OH&S reporting.


You can tell a lot about a business by the company it keeps. At ARC Projects we work only with suppliers who share our environmental focus and have an internal sustainability program that is aligned to our own. When selecting supplier networks, we look for:

  • Adoption of environmentally-friendly raw construction products
  • Promotion of sustainable production methods including material selection, energy and water efficient products
  • Proactive pursuit of information regarding sustainable building and construction supplies.

Measured by:

  • Inventory / purchase order information

Clients / Customers

  • Encourage construction clients to consider sustainable products and solutions for their project. ARC Projects will proactively provide alternative sustainable options
  • Build joint venture programs with clients to promote environmentally sustainable business solutions, products and services.

Measured by:

  • Internal review of customer liaison project documentation
  • Inventory / purchase order information
  • Joint venture success as per agreed objectives of each individual venture.

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