At ARC Projects, we are committed to an efficient and streamlined repair and restoration process for both our clients and their customers. Our priority is ensuring our clients and customers are informed every step of the process; these are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Can you help with maintenance repairs?

We take on maintenance repairs on a case-by-case basis. If we cannot help you ourselves we will readily connect you with trades who can. Speak with your ARC Projects repair coordinator or on-site building supervisor to discuss your specific maintenance repair needs.

How long will my reinstatement works take?

Clear communication is a vanguard of our ARC Projects approach. Our project management and customer service technology enables us to complete work in the most efficient manner. Naturally, availability of materials, trades and weather conditions all impact the progression of reinstatement works. We will provide an indicative reinstatement works schedule when we begin work on your repairs and will keep you fully informed where any delays may occur.

My reinstatement works have commenced. Who can I speak to regarding an update on the status of my claims?

Your personal repair coordinator or building supervisor is the best person to speak with in this regard. Ensuring clear and continuous communication is a priority hear at ARC Projects and we encourage you to call your dedicated contact directly, or alternatively call 1300 728 225. For an efficient and seamless process, please have your job reference number ready.

What if there are additional damages not included in my scope of works?

Your repair coordinator or on-site building supervisor will happily discuss these with you. If the additional damages are covered under your policy, these can be integrated into the Scope of Works at a later stage.

When will works commence on my property?

Once your claim is approved you are only a few short steps away from work commencement. You must sign the builders’ contract and pay the excess, both where applicable. Next, we will contact you to discuss the schedule of repairs and advise which trades will be attending your property and when.

Why do I need to pay my excess to the builder and not to my insurance company?

Your insurance company has requested that we collect the excess on their behalf prior to works proceeding. This amount is then deducted from our final invoice issued to your insurance company. We find this to be the most efficient process and is a standard practice among most insurance companies.

How long will it be until I receive any further communication/information following the visit from your estimator?

Depending on the parties involved, the approval process can vary. Generally, we will be in contact with you within approximately 5-10 days of the estimator’s visit.

Why are multiple estimators contacting me to view my property?

In order for the insurer to get the best possible price, they will often ask multiple builders to attend and quote on the damages to your property.

I have had the estimator attend. What happens next?

We will submit our quote to your insurance company or relevant party and determine whether the damages are covered under your policy. Your insurer will then allocate their builder of choice to carry out repairs. We will stay in close communication with you throughout every step of the process to ensure you always remain informed.

What happens when my claim/repairs are lodged with ARC Projects?

The insurance company will appoint one or more building companies to attend your property and prepare a quote and/or report to repair the damage. Your insurance company or relevant party will then assess the claim. If your claim is deemed insurable, a repairer will be approved to complete repair works.

Is ARC Projects a registered and qualified builder?

ARC Projects is a fully registered domestic and commercial builder in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. ARC Projects is also a member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA).

Paying your excess

Making your excess payment is a key part of getting repair or restoration works underway. We help you do this by giving you a detailed customer information kit that outlines all excess payment details as these apply to your insurance claim. Your kit will also include an invoice. ARC Projects will post your kit out to you once we have been authorised by your insurance company to proceed with works at your property. We will not proceed with any repairs or restoration works until we have received this excess payment.

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