What We Learned in 2017

We believe that if you build your team to be the best in the business, anything is possible. Last year was a huge year of development and growth for our team as we endeavoured to become more diverse with our service offerings. The biggest lessons always come from the smallest details, so here are a few little insights into the things that made 2017 our biggest year ever.

Key factors that helped our development in 2017

  • Regular feedback on our entire team from customers gave us great insight into the performance of our business from a customer service perspective.
  • Listening and asking the right questions to our clients helped pave the way into developing a dynamic and creative approach for our business clients.
  • Maintaining the basics – Communication, reliability, and delivering a quality product and service. As our business grows, we will continue to bring our core focus back to the basics.

To expand on this, we’ve highlighted some pinnacle ideas that have driven and will continue to drive successful outcomes for our clients, on-site, on paper and in the minds of our customers.

The importance of Customer Care

At ARC Projects, customer care is always one of the main focuses of our business and 2017 was no exception. We put a strong focus on having readily available processes for the customer to communicate with us & vice versa. We have building experts to oversee all jobs no matter the size and this is fundamental to our business. It’s the difference between a cowboy and a professional repairing someone’s most valuable asset.


New technology was big for us last year; It allowed us to be more efficient and flexible in our approach. By developing management and communication tools, we could increase our productivity and reduced unnecessary time wasting.

Developing dynamic and creative approaches to business clients

Although we specialise in a niche market, we still realise each business has their own specific needs and desired outcomes. Being receptive to this and being flexible in our approach has certainly allowed ARC Projects to partner with leading companies and organisations.

Separating ourselves from the industry norm

We endeavoured to separate ourselves from the industry norms and be recognised as a real building company that provide a service to the insurance industry. This has allowed ARC Projects to expand into complex large loss commercial and residential sector. Setting up organisational scalable parameters to work within and to create a fluid infrastructure was key to achieving our goals. Training our people to be the best was a major factor in this achievement.

We increased our coverage in Queensland and expanded our services in Victoria last year and this year will see ARC Projects increase our regional footprint in both states.

Looking forward, we will maintain our focus on providing dynamic and creative solutions for our business clients. We will dive into how we are doing this regularly on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram – stay tuned.

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